I remember in third grade reading class we were reading something called Aesop's fables.  Fable was a word I may have heard before but wasn't sure what it meant and I was completely in the dark as to who or what an Aesop was.  Anyway, we were reading the tale of the Fox and the Grapes.  I don't particularly remember much more about the tale, but what I do recall is that at the end of the story there was this thing called a moral.  I didn't know this word either but it wasn't long before it was explained that a moral was the whole point of the story even being there.  It was an idea or lesson that was being conveyed through the interaction of certain characters in a specific setting.  I guess that in a way I kind of understood the idea already but having it in writing made it official.  I think that from then on I began looking for these hidden meanings all around me perhaps creating for myself an unhealthy tendency to overanalyze all cause and effect scenarios in relationship to me.

In trying to explain my work I find myself drawn back to this time when I feel many of the themes may have been conceived.  Not to say that I saw visions of naked pigs and pixies when I was eight years old but that I began to worry that there might actually be a reason for everything I knew... and I was supposed to do something with that.