I have been focusing most of my creative energy over these last few months on images that deal with the personal and collective anxiety brought on by the most recent US election.

Aside from posting these here, I don't currently have a venue for sharing these works so I am making them available to anyone that would like to use them as protest signs or as postcards to mail to their elected representatives in the hopes that they might inspire change.   Please feel free to download and print for these purposes.

While I am making these free to use, please consider making any donation you can to help me continue making work in this vein.

Thanks for your support.


This illustration was originally published in RESIST! newspaper that was distributed at the Women's Marches in cities around the world. Download here.


Seeing these hats being worn by folks who fear that America is being taken from them made me want to put one on someone it was actually taken from. 

Download here.




This image plays on the concerns raised by the recent 'leaks' that the 2016 US election was interfered with by Vladimir Putin and that our new President* has been compromised into acting in the interests of another nation.

Download here.