I am honored to announce that my submission to RESIST! will be included in the publication being distributed for free during the Inauguration and at the Women's March on Washington next weekend.

"RESIST! is a free 40 page tabloid newspaper of political comics and graphics by mostly female artists. During our open call for submissions we received over 1,000 images from artists across the country and world. The printed paper is a distillation of that powerful collective female voice and an affirmation of all that we stand for: unity, diversity, and creativity.

It is guest edited by Francoise Mouly, art editor of The New Yorker, and writer Nadja Spiegelman. It is published by Gabe Fowler of Desert Island Bookstore."

If you are unable to make it to D.C., but would like to support, they're signing up volunteers to help distribute in other cities on their website:


"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAINST" t-shirt design for Threadless. Seeing these hats being worn by folks who fear that America is being taken from them made me want to put one on someone it was actually taken from.

A series of 6 Illustrations completed for a feature article on in April, 2012.. The article, How Milo Met Kate: The Story Behind Lionhead's Virtual Boy, deals with the development and eventual downfall of an innovative video gaming experience called Milo and Kate.  The game, which was being built alongside Microsoft Kinect in its earliest stages, was meant to function as a virtual boy whom players could befriend using the new motion  tracking hardware.  

The article is an insightful window into the development process and a cautionary tale of sorts.  The accompanying illustrations reflect on how the disintegrating  vision of a creator might impact a virtual being who had been created to be effected by his interactions with the outside world.

Faesthetic #12

Faesthetic is a collection of art & oddities from around the world. Part comic book & part zine, Faesthetic is a great place to discover new art & ideas.  

Issue #12 showcases 128 pages of original "Home" themed art from 35 artists. Art Direction by Dustin Hostetler (aka UPSO)

vis/res #2

vis/res is a British publication produced 6 times a year to showcase emerging talent in graphic design and illustration. Each issue has a central theme and features contributing work from 10 designers & illustrators. The theme for the 2nd issue was 'Technology".