Magic Box #2

The second project in Chris Oatley's Magic Box course has you tackling the same painting as the first but instead of using Photoshop's Lasso and Gradient tools you are using the various Brushes. As in the first assignment you are assigned to recreate a portrait by a master artist but you get to replace the subject of the painting with an animal of your choosing. I chose a self-portrait by Gustave Courbet and decided to use our cat, Mr., as the animal stand-in.

I stuck with the same color scheme that was used in the original painting. This, along with the softness gained through the brush tool, allowed for a more realistic feel. I was tempted to keep going to see how far I could take the detail using smaller and smaller brushes but didn't want it to look overworked. I am glad that I stopped when I did.  Being able to see a some of the rougher brushwork allows it to still feel like a painting.

I am looking forward to starting the next assignment on Masking and Dimension. I will be posting the results here in the weeks ahead. Check back to see how things go.

Thanks for looking. -SH