How Milo Met Kate

Last spring I had the opportunity to create a series of illustrations for a feature article on I had meant to post these here a while back but never had a great place for them as the feel so different from the other work on the site

The feature, How Milo Met Kate: The Story Behind Lionhead's Virtual Boy by Matt Leone deals with the development and eventual downfall of a video game called Milo and Kate.  The game, which was being built alongside Microsoft Kinect in its earliest stages, was meant to function as a virtual boy whom players could befriend using the new motion  tracking hardware.  

The article is an insightful window into the game development process and a cautionary tale of sorts. It is the story of an an ambitious project that unfortunately never came to fruition for a number of reasons.  The accompanying illustrations reflect on how the disintegrating  vision of a creator can might impact his central character that had been created to be effected by his interactions in the outside world.

You can check out the illustrations in context at

Big thanks to Art Director, Warren Schultheis for all of his hard work and guidance on this exciting project.